About US

With the motto “Nearly a nanoparticle that evades us“ Particle Metrix GmbH has made a name for itself in recent years as a manufacturer of analyzers for nanoparticles in liquids. The products are on the one hand colloid analyzers, and on the other hand instruments for clinical research and bioscience. Colloid and Life Science divisions were established as two separate companies at the end of 2017, Colloid Metrix GmbH and Particle Metrix GmbH. Focusing on these two areas of applications, the founders, Margret Böck and Dr. Hanno Wachernig, set a clear signal both inwards and outwards. Here innovations have matured, which offer a high level of customer benefit in their respective areas and therefore deserve increased attention. This site profiles Particle Metrix Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of both Colloid Metrix GmbH and Particle Metrix GmbH. If you are interested in the Colloid Metrix product line click here.

The company headquarter’s of Particle Metrix GmbH is located in Inning am Ammersee near Munich. Customers have at their disposal a competent team of chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers. It focuses on Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) as a method for rapid and comprehensive characterization of extracellular vesicles (EVs), viruses, liposomesand similar small biological particles. Our ZetaView® NTA devices provide complementary information to flow cytometry (FC) but in the lower nanometer range. The most useful range for biological samples by ZetaView NTA is typically between 40 nm and 1000 nm.

Particle concentration, size distribution and surface charge are main outcome parameters for the ZetaView, which are available for both the scattered light and in the fluorescent light mode “F-NTA”.

Significant progress has been achieved in phenotyping with F-NTA. The ZetaView® QUATT provides both the hardware and software to conveniently switch between four fluorescence channels. For upgrading possibilities from one (PMX-120) to two (PMX-220) and to four lasers, (PMX-420)  please contact → sales

The ZetaView® is installed in the best laboratories in the world and is enjoying a growing popularity. This is largely due to our employees and distributors, who keep their eyes and ears open in order to meet the customers´ wishes. Through collaborations with research institutes, Particle Metrix is increasingly working on new applications. They are our future. The standardization of processes and analyzes will also progress rapidly over the next years. A robust design and partial automation contributes to the safe and yet fast analysis. Demand for GMP, IQ/OQ/PQ and CFR 21 Part 11 continues to increase.

The measurement principle complies with the following standards: ISO 13099 – Electrophoresis, ISO 19430: 2016 (E) – PTA Particle Tracking Analysis and ASTM-E 2834-12 – NTA Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis.